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  1. Dear Colleagues,
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    Ms. Ngo Thi Kieu Duong, Head of IOOP Department of Perennial Crop and myself have set up a new website about coconut in Vietnam. It gathers the information exchanged during two scientific visits conducted in 1998 and 2016 on behalf the Government of Vietnam, the Institute of Oil and Oil Plants (IOOP) and the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD). The following topics are presented:

    The Institute for Oil and Oil Plants (IOOP)
    The Dong Go Coconut Research Centre
    The Trang Bang Seed Production Centre
    The IOOP in Vitro Culture Laboratory for producing Makapuno seedlings
    A traditional practice: “Coconut Bonsai” for reducing the vertical growth of Tall-type coconut palms.
    Coconut varieties conserved in the National Genebank of Vietnam
    Coconut varieties from farmer’s fields
    Old botanical and ethnological studies related to Coconut in Vietnam
    Coconut high value products and handicraft from Vietnam
    How to sustain Coconut in situ conservation in Vietnam
    Link to the video playlist made for the training

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