Steering Committees

1. Steering committees. The overall programme management will be guided by the leadership of one regional steering committee and three sub-regional committees. They are responsible for the following: (i) overall guidance on regional, sub-regional and national forums’ operations where applicable, (ii) coordination between sub-regional and national forums, and with other stakeholders involved in programme implementation, (iii) review and endorse AWPBs and annual progress reports, and (iv) coordination of joint actions such as strategic consultations, lobbying and representation.

2. At regional level, the steering committee will in principle be composed of 1 representative from a sub-regional FO. Each sub-region will send 1 observer from a national FO to attend the regional steering committee’s meetings. Those representatives and observers can be but not necessarily the same sitting on the sub-regional committees. Sub-regional representation at regional steering committee will be proposed by the sub-regional steering committees. The regional steering committee will meet three times over the programme duration, in principle in an interval of 18 months, and in preference to be coincided with a sub-regional steering committee meeting. In general, the regional meeting should be hosted in rotation by each sub-region. Chairmanship of the steering committee will be renewed on a regular basis by vote.

3. At sub-regional level, the steering committee will be composed of 8 – 10 representatives from the national forums and the sub-regional FOs. Starting from the second year of implementation, half of the national forums’ representatives should be in principle renewed every two years by rotation in order to give the equitable access of representation to all the national FOs, and at the same time maintaining a stable working efficiency of the steering committees.

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