AFA, LVC, agri-agencies join Jakarta mission with ASEAN and EU

AFA, LVC, agri-agencies join Jakarta mission with ASEAN and EU

meeting with ASEANJakarta, Indonesia — AFA, LVC and agri-agencies such as AsiaDHRRA and CSA held a mission in Jakarta last May 12-14, 2014. The group met with ASEAN, the ASEAN Foundation and the EU delegations based in Jakarta. The meeting with ASEAN focused on how to engage FOs/CSOs in the drafting and implementation of the ASEAN Integrated Framework on Food Security (and Nutrition). In the past, AFA, AsiaDHRRA and other CSOs, have engaged the ASEAN Ministers of Agriculture and Forestry (AMAF) in lobbying for the meaningful participation of small-scale farmers in the agricultural development within the region. The creation of an ASEAN Farmers’ Advisory Council has been advocated by AFA together with representatives from the MTCP platform.

The group also met with the ASEAN Foundation to explore possible cooperation particularly on financing north-south learning exchanges focusing on various models of social dialogue between FOs and the regional bodies (e.g. EU, MERCUSOR-REAF, etc).

The dialogue with the EU-delegation based in Jakarta was also done in line with the on-going negotiation for EU support for MTCP2 in ASEAN.

Contact: Ma. Elena V. Rebagay,

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