Success Story: Ajuben Ramjubhai of India

MTCP2, through lead implementing agency SEWA, makes a meaningful difference in the life of Ajuben Ramjubhai Qazi of Patan District, Gujarat State, India.

After taking Animal Husbandry Training at Anand University and Seed Training from SEWA, Ajuben’s sales revenue from crop produce has increased to INR 1, 14,880, simply by reaping castrol crop in 5 bigha of the total 30 bigha land which she possesses. From her 5 milking buffaloes, she is able to garner a monthly income of INR 24000.

Ajuben shares, “If small farmers keep one or two buffaloes, then they can reap many benefits like securing additional revenue from milk sales; acquiring a good harvest earning by utilising the dung as fertiliser; and elevating the fertility of their land and health of their crop yield by permanently applying this dung in their fields.”

Ajuben is just one of the many India success stories of MTCP2.

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