API : Jokowi Only Profitable For Big Companies, Farmers Only Used As Slave

Secretary General of the Indonesian Peasant Alliance (API), Muhammad Nuruddin, criticized the government programs to increase the production of rice, corn and soybeans (pajale) Indonesia.

The reason, in the procurement of seeds, goverment encourage farmers to cooperate with big companies, and is not beneficial for farmers.

Nuruddin said, the way this government will only make the farmers not self-sufficient and even cause defedence.
He gave an example in an effort increase corn production, the government, through Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) cooperate with international companies such as Monsanto and Cargill provide loans and services to farmers.

In fact, the scheme was proved to make the farmers not self-sufficient and be affected by dependence on a continuous basis.
“It’s been three years of partnership schemes like this shake agriculture. Because the real sustainable agriculture is agroecology. Mainly characterized by the POS-Agri (Partnership for Indonesia’s Sustainable Agriculture), which makes the farmer as a partner for the company, “said Nuruddin in Hotel Cipta, Mampang, Jakarta, Sunday (20/12).

In practice, further Nuruddin said, farmers be used as the workers to increase production so that the raw materials provided by the company. Moreover, this cooperation is more oriented to the needs of foreign market.

PIS-Agro using sustainable agriculture is not apparent because they still use seed and fertilizer from the company.
“Target reduction emissions to 20 percent by PISAgro, allegedly will not be achieved because this scheme never hamper emissions, emissions will remain out of partner companies PISAgro whose processing of agricultural products results partner farmers PIS Agro,” he said.


Muhammad Nuruddin General Secretary Of Indonesian Peasent Alliance

Muhammad Nuruddin
General Secretary Of Indonesian Peasent Alliance

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