July 18, 2017

Ha Tinh Farmers’ Union & IFAD cooperation results to sustainable economy, harmony in the community

In the cooperation framework between Viet Nam Farmers’ Union (VNFU) and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Ha Tinh provincial Farmers’ Union and provincial IFAD signed […]
December 3, 2015

Policy advocacy training for Bac Giang Farmer Union in Vietnam aims at economic and social development in rural areas

From 01-03 December 2015, in Bac Giang province, in the framework of MTCP2, Vietnam NIA collaborated with Bac Giang province Farmers’ Union to organize a training […]
November 20, 2015

Vietnam MTCP2 – AFOSP NAC meeting

This afternoon, under the MTCP 2 – AFOSP, November 6, 2015, Vietnam NAC meeting was held. Presence at the meeting are representatives from VNFU, Vietnam Cooperative […]
April 27, 2015

Mr. Nguyen Duy Luong, the First Vice – Chairman of VNFU met with Croplife Asia

(VNFU’s Website) – This afternoon (4th February), in Hanoi, the First Vice Chairman of VNFU Mr.Nguyen Duy Luong met and worked with the delegation from Croplife […]
January 20, 2015

MTCP2 Vietnam attends M&E, KM and Finance training for SEA FOs

MTCP2 NIA Vietnam, 20 January 2015 Representatives of MTCP2 Vietnam attended the M&E, KM and Finance training for FOs organized by the consortium of AFA and LVC as […]
October 22, 2014

MTCP2 featured in Boa Hay La (Vietnamese News)

Bảo vệ lợi ích và hỗ trợ nông dân sản xuất nhỏ Ngày 20.10 tại Hà Nội đã diễn ra phiên khai mạc Hội nghị mở […]
October 22, 2014

MTCP2 VNFU visit featured in Hoi Nong Dan (Vietnamese News)

MTCP2 FOs and partners met VNFU Chairperson and other leaders at their headquarters in Hanoi on October 19. Click here for the story: http://www.nongdan.vn/hoat-dong-hoi/trung-uong-hoi/11215-thu-ng-tr-c-tw-h-i-ti-p-doan-d-i-bi-u-qu-phat-tri-n-nong-nghi-p-qu-c-t-va-cac-t-ch-c-nong-dan-chau-a.html
October 22, 2014

MTCP2 featured in Hoi Nong Dan (VNFU News)

Click here for story: http://www.hoinongdan.org.vn/hoat-dong-hoi/trung-uong-hoi/11220-khai-m-c-h-i-ngh-ban-ch-d-o-khu-v-c-c-a-chuong-trinh-h-p-tac-trung-h-n-gi-a-qu-phat-tri-n-nong-nghi-p-qu-c-t-ifad-va-cac-t-ch-c-nong-dan-khu-v-c-chau-a-thai-binh-duong.html
October 22, 2014

MTCP2 featured in 2Lua (Vietnamese News)

Click here for the story: http://www.2lua.vn/article/doi-thoai-chinh-sach-tang-nang-luc-nong-dan