Catila Jane Palmar: Rudi Company (India)

WOMEN & MEN FOR ALL. Catila Jane Palmar have been associated with SEWA (Self Employed Women’s Association) for the past 20 years. She used to be a small producer of millet but could not even earn enough to provide two meals for her family.

She underwent horticulture training though SEWA and gained knowledge and confidence. Consequently, she improved her income. She also began livestock management for additional source of income.

Furthermore, she took a loan from SEWA to buy a solar light which she used in her work. Not long after, she was able to pay the solar lantern from the increase of her income. She also used to sell flowers to traders because she did not know to where to sell. She then took another loan to buy a cellphone which she used to search for data on prices of flowers in the market. She learned where to sell flowers with better prices. This made her realize that many farmers are on the same situation as her so she set up Rudi Company.

In Rudi project, they procure their produce and sell it to their members as well. They are currently working in various places in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

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