Community Radio Program of MTCP2 Bangladesh

Dear Friends and Colleagues
Greetings from MTCP2 Bangladesh.

You may know that, in Bangladesh we have a plan to use the power of Community Radios in raising voices of farmers and fishers and also to mobilise them towards sustainability. We have been broadcasting various programs for farmers and fishers in local language. Please find one file of one such program broadcasted in Radio Meghna, a coastal radio station.

We can understand that, as this program is in Bangla, most of you will understand it. But you can hear something familiar to you from 17.30 minute of the program. You will hear two words MTCP2 Bangladesh!. In fact, it says, this program is sponsored by MTCP2 Bangladesh!

You can download the file from here:

In this episode two farmers talked about recent challenges of agriculture they are facing. They also talking about the necessity of Farmers’ Organisation.

Hope, we will be able to let you know more about our initiative in near future.

Thank you and sincerely yours

Md. Mujibul Haque Munir (Mr.)
Assistant Director-Education and Food Security
COAST Trust, Bangladesh
Coordinator-Policy Research and Campaign
Equity and Justice Working Group Bangladesh
Mobile: +88 01713367438

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