Development of Gansu Federation of Farmers Cooperatives

Gansu Federation of Farmers Cooperatives was established on April 24, 2016 and is a joint-stock organization based on the previous Gansu Association of Farmers Cooperatives, sponsored jointly by 23 cooperatives. With the purpose of earning profits, it drives the farmers cooperatives of the province for joint development. It has now 23 member cooperatives and more than 2,000 farmer members, spreading in 86 counties and districts of the province, with the industries covering plantation and cultivation, processing, sale, transport, warehousing and etc.

Since it was established, the Federation has been active in building a platform for all the member cooperatives and providing diversified services. (1) Open Gansu Excellent Fresh Agricultural Products Exhibition Building to show the most characteristic excellent fresh agricultural products of Gansu. (2) Set up characteristic agricultural product direct-sale shop to provide farmers cooperatives with a platform for sales of agricultural products in the sales mode of integrating direct sales of shops and O2O and promote gradually nationwide the agricultural products of farmers. (3) Undertake Gansu Characteristic Agricultural Product Exhibition to provide the citizens with quality agricultural products. (4) Participate Tajikistan-China Gansu Export Fair to establish a platform and provide opportunities for the cooperatives of Gansu to undertake economic cooperation and trade in Tajikistan and Central Asia. (6) Establish the provincial agricultural data platform for integrating the business information of farmers, production, processing and sale information of agricultural products, information of agricultural culture, and information of agricultural product characteristics and gene analysis.

In order to promote the management and development capacity of farmers, the Federation organizes the member cooperatives for visits and special education and training to promote their management capacity and level, regulate their internal management system, enhance their quality control system and supervision mechanism and promote comprehensively the development level of farmers. In order to promote the brand image of agricultural products, the Federation assists farmers in trademark registration, brand promotion and brand cultivation, widen continuously the media marketing channel, strengthen the advertisement, model and propagate the brand image of agricultural products and promote the market recognition of the brands by making adequate sue of different resources platforms and modern media means.

However, due to the short period of establishment and lack of experiences, during the development, the Federation is also observed with some problems to be resolved urgently, e.g., relatively low organizational capacity, loose contact between the Federation and the cooperatives, inadequate capacity to motivate the cooperatives to participate in different activities, necessity to increase the work efficiency and enhance the cooperation fitness.

In the future, the Federation will consolidate the service base, promote continuously the service capacity, enhance the cohesion of the Federation, strive to guide the farmers cooperatives of Gansu to actualize the quality improvement, make major breakthroughs in market expansion and project construction and create more excellent farmers cooperatives. (Jennifer Liu, MTCP2 China)

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