EU presents AFOSP at the 37th AMAF meeting

Franck Viault of the EU Delegation to ASEAN presented a brief on the AFOSP program at the 37th AMAF Meeting at the Manila Peninsula Hotel in Makati City, Philippines last September 10.

“The ASEAN Farmers Organizations Support Program is 15 million from the EU and 1 million from IFAD, and it supports ASEAN regional integration through the civil society organizations, the farmers organizations who are representing already today millions of small farmers, with two complementary components with IFAD, Agricord, the Asian Farmers’ Association and, last but not the least, the ASEAN Foundation,” he said.

He added that the AFOSP program will provide support to farmers’ organizations by addressing and supporting their main functions. It will enhance their capacity to engage in policy processes at the country, regional and international levels. It will also to contribute to the effective professionalization and accountability of FOs towards their membership and improve their capacity to provide professional economic services to their members.

The program will have two main components — MTCP ASEAN with the consortium of the Asian Farmers Association and La Via Campesina, which is more focusing on regional policy dialogue. And the other one, which is Farmers Fighting Poverty ASEAN with AgriCord, that is more focusing on strengthening the functions of, for example value chain, for the individual farmers organizations.

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  1. Juan says:

    Good news for farmers!