IFAD conducts support mission to MTCP2

In order to tackle evaluative, strategic and practical concerns in MTCP2 implementation, an IFAD support mission is being conducted on August 12 to 25 with AFA in the Philippines and with LVC, PIFON and ANPFa through Skype.

The mission aims to follow up on the implementation of the recommendations from the first supervisory mission in 2014 and to respond to the strategic and practical needs of MTCP2 implementation.

The mission team is composed of Fanny Grandval, FO specialist and leader; Simon Bichet, M&E Specialist; Ed Angeles, Financial Specialist; and Silvia Mancini, Financial Specialist.

In an overall meeting with the team on August 17, MTCP2 Program Coordinator Lany Rebagay presented the achievements in the first year, followed by the financial report of Finance Manager Maru Ventura.

The main achievements were that MTCP2 is now fully managed by FOs at all levels and the program has also expanded to more FOs in more countries and sub-regions.

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