Kou Hongyan: Yinongyuan Ecological Agricultural Cooperative (China)

Kou Hongyan from Beijing, China is the leader of YINONGYUAN ecological agriculture cooperative.

In 2005, Ms. Kou Hongyan of China went back to her village to start the egg layer breeding business. She established the YINONGYUAN cooperative in 2007 with local female farmers. Over the years, YINONGYUAN coop has developed a series of business including layer breeding with yellow meal worm, apple planting, and agricultural tourism.

In 2015, in order to resolve the problem of apple overstocking, she tried to introduce new sale channels, such as online marketing, TV home shopping, and mobile shopping.

In 2016, YINONGYUAN coop started to combine the online shopping business with agricultural tourism. Ms. Kou introduced the smart box, with which tourists can conveniently search and book products of the coop on their phones. They also established the first rural ON&OFFline shop in Beijing.

They created garden trusteeship module to help increase the income of local poor.

They changed the traditional idea of agricultural production, and innovated the new types of development model, and improved the local livelihood.

YINONGYUAN has played an important role in solving social problem of the community. Starting 2014, they have assisted the local procuratorate to help 8 youth who have commit misdemeanors to master the ability to earn a living by studying ecological farming.

Ms. Kou has been awarded “national rural science and technology female expert”, “Beijing labor model”, “Beijing outstanding contribution talents” and other titles. She believes the cooperatives provide her a platform to show her value and give her a chance to realize her beautiful farmer dream.

YINONGYUAN has built their training center in 2014 in order to enhance the comprehensive abilities of local farmers, such as farm technology, product marketing, policy explaining, etc. As a result of the training, local farmers has more job opportunities and obvious increasing income.

In 2016, YINONGYUAN trained more than 3500 farmers, coordinated 28 female farmers to improve their cooperatives, and attract 30 coops to join in the Women Agriculture Business Federation.

Ms. Kou said that her dream is to train more women farmers to earn more from their farm.


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