Kyaw Lin Htay: A Model Farmer Innovating Local Knowledge

Kyaw Lin Htay: A Model Farmer Innovating Local Knowledge

Kyaw Lin Htay, 38 years old, father of two, and living in Tha Byay Kone Village, Thanlyin Township, Yangon Region. He has very good view of agriculture development and is really enjoying his life of farming.

Kyaw Lin Htay is one of the mushroom farmers trained by Ye Htut, an active young farmer and also an AFFM member. He reflects with thanks to Ye Htut and others with all his heart. “I learned a lot of skills and knowledge from Ye Htut, I would like to express my highest gratitude to him and our organization AFFM and the other organization and people who developed him as well.”

He has been growing straw mushroom since last year. From the first time growing of mushroom, he saved 800000 Kyats. Currently, mushroom growing is the main source of income of his family. They have 12 mushroom beds of 3×10 foot long. They hope to make at least 900,000 Kyats this time in two months. The residue from growing mushroom is used for farming as natural fertilizer.

He has also cows, which are main sources of fertilizer for his farm and he also uses cow manure for growing mushroom. He explained, “Keeping cow is not a problem, farm residues go to the cows and cow residues go to the farm. They are benefiting each other.”

Even if he uses the machine for ploughing his land, he understood that the animal is essential for farming. He gets milks from his cow and is selling per one litre at 1000 Kyats.

Kyaw Lin Htay understands the benefits of diversity. He has chickens and ducks and is also breeding fish in a small pond near his house. His rice farm is better than his neighbour’s land because it doesn’t have any weeds thanks to the ducks that cleans the weeds out.

There is also a small pond in Kyaw Lin Htay’s farm. This pond is the main water provider for his family’s daily uses and in growing vegetables and other crop during the winter and summer. He is breeding fish in his pond as well.

“I couldn’t make much income from any of these but I make enough income from all of these for my family.” All of his small incomes from selling fish, chicken, duck eggs, and milk combined is enough for his family.

Kyaw Lin Htay wants a healthy and better environment, happy family, and peaceful society. He loves the nature and works for a living without poisoning mother earth.

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