MTCP2 featured at 3NTV VTC16

Vietnam’s premiere rural television channel 3NTV-VTC16 aired its special coverage of the first regional steering committee meeting of the Medium Term Cooperation Program Phase Two (MTCP2) in Hanoi, Vietnam last October 19-22.

The recorded program, posted on 3NTV-VTC16’s Youtube channel, featured a studio guesting of two farmers from Fiji and the Philippines, who were interviewed by the station’s head of special programs and a top rural newspaper’s deputy editor-in-chief.

Clips of the field visit and the meeting itself were added to the studio recording, together with interviews with other farmers and the IFAD representative to present the MTP2 as the context of the discussion.

In the studio interview, Antonio Dionisio, steering committee member of the MTCP2 platform in the Philippines talked about the problem of corruption affecting service delivery to farmers, the bottoms up budgeting that has been started, the potential of cooperatives, as well as various initiatives on organic farming in the country.

Alan Walter Peterson, chairperson of the MTCP2 steering committee in Fiji, shared the various learning exchanges carried out by farmers in the Pacific and the efforts to promote organic agriculture to a much wider area.

The extensive and in-depth coverage of the MTCP2 activities in Vietnam and elsewhere is part of the cooperation between 3NTV-VTC16 and the Asian Farmers Association (AFA) in support of farmers and farmer organizations in the region.

KM and Communciations Officers Ana Tuivanuavou of PIFON and Jun Virola of AFA arranged the studio appearance of the farmers with the station’s head of special programs Tung NGO with the support of VTC seasoned reporters and producers Mai Cap, Thao Nguyen and Bui Xuan, and the Viet Nam Farmer Union (VNFU), which hosted the first RSC meeting MTCP2 in Hanoi.

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