MTCP2 to participate in Local Champions Exhibition in Asia Pacific

MTCP2 to participate in Local Champions Exhibition in Asia Pacific

MTCP2 FOs will take part in the Asia-Pacific Local Champions Exhibition to be held at the Royal Agriculture University of Cambodia in Phnom Penh on August 10-12.

The exhibition is organized by The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry of Cambodia, the International Fund for Agriculture Development and PROCASUR.

The First Asia-Pacific Local Champions Exhibition brings together local champions with the public sector, universities, NGOs and cooperation agencies.

This groundbreaking event will be a unique opportunity to build personal contacts with outstanding rural women and men, promoting innovations in sustainable rural and agricultural development, with special focus on the involvement of rural youth.

The three-day gathering combines smart networking and learning tools within an interactive framework: Local champions will invite participants to visit their Innovation Shops, sales booths to share and explain solutions, best practices and technologies born from endurance; public-private Roundtables will provide space to identify concrete collaboration opportunities between local champions and other rural development practitioners; and a Field training will strengthen the know-how of participants on local knowledge management and on scaling up local solutions.

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