NIA Laos sets 5-year targets and plans for 2015

Phoutthasinh Phimmachanh

20 Jan 2015, Laos

As part of its year-end activities as well as MTCP2, , the management committee of the Lao Farmer Network (LFN) met last December 27 to to set their quantitative targets for the next 4 years (2015-2018) as well as their detailed work plan and budget of 2015.

The committee agreed to focus its energy on the provision of useful services to members aside from strengthening management of the network. Key service activities will include establishment of a rice seed bank, a coffee learning center at community level, network fund, knowledge products and face-to-face field level monitoring and technical support.

In addition, the committee plans to organize at least 2 national level fora, one on good practices in policy implementation at local level and another on farmer indebtedness.

“It is a very serious issue. So many farmers are in debt because they are not aware of the risks of borrowing money from banks and other credit schemes. So we need to learn from past experiences and plan for a better future,” said Mr. Somboun, President of LFN.

The meeting was hosted at the house of Mr. Bounliep Thammavong, head of tobacco production group in Paksan district, Bolikhamsay province with participation of other 5 members of the LFN committee, observed by representative of the Department of Agricultural Extension and Cooperative.

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