PIFON’s 2016 Annual Report Now Available

PIFON recently released its Annual Report 2016 documenting its activities implemented in 7 of its member countries of Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, PNG, Samoa and newly joined Timor
Leste, it also reports on the finances for 2016. The report covers the progress of all the activities associated with its two major projects – EU funded SPC PAPP and IFAD/SDC funded MTCP II and the World Rural Forum partnership for 2016.

2016 was a challenging and exciting one with many ‘firsts’ amongst its other achievements for the year.

– PIFON hosted its 1st and 2nd regional events outside of Fiji. The 1st was ‘The Pacific Breadfruit Roundtable’ held in Nuku’alofa Tonga, co-hosted with its Tonga Farmer organisations of GroFed, MORDI and Nishi Foundation The 2nd was ‘The Pacific Open Pollinated Seed Roundtable’ co-hosted in the Solomons with its farmer organisation member – Kastom Gaden Association (KGA)
The PIFON network membership increased to nine countries after Timor Leste (ANAPROFIKO) and New Caledonia (Chamber D’Agriculture) joined.

– The PIFON Secretariat office moved into its own office at Legalega, Nadi, Fiji.

– The Mid-Term review for the IFAD/SDC funded MTCP II program was completed with PIFON obtaining a point 4 score in its review, scoring the highest as a region under the program.

– PIFON’s Strategic Plan review conducted by Dr Lex Thompson which paves the way for PIFON’s new Strategic Plan II : 2017 – 2020

– PIFON’s successful Farmer to Farmer exchanges between its farmer organisations for Pineapple between Fiji, Tonga and Samoa; Vanilla between Tonga, Fiji and Vanuatu, Breadfruit between Fiji and Tonga, Papaya between Samoa, Tonga and Fiji, Seeds between Solomon Islands, Brisbane and the PIFON network members.

– The successful end of a two year partnership with the EU funded SPC PAPP which saw PIFON host 28 activities with its member farmer organisations under this project.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: http://www.pacificfarmers.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/PIFON-Annual-Report-2016.pdf


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