Save Our Seeds and Save Rice: National Peasants Day Celebrated in Nepal

Save Our Seeds and Save Rice: National Peasants Day Celebrated in Nepal

(Nepal, June, 30 2015) All Nepal Peasants’ Federation, the largest peasants’ organization in Nepal organized various programs including a paddy plantation program on the occasion of national peasants’/paddy day/Ashar 15(A day in Nepali calendar that falls on June 29/30). The program was devoted to all the peasants’ and their families victimized by earthquake and “Save our seeds and save rice” was the motto for this year. ANPFa Chairperson and deputy prime minister and home minister of Nepal, Hon. Bamdev Gautam inaugurated the paddy plantation program in Kathmandu and such programs were organized in more than 40 districts of Nepal including Sunsari, Morang, Kavre, Dhading, Rupendehi, Lalitpur.


IMG_1398In the program organized in Kathmandu, Hon. Gautam highlighted the role of ANPFa in professionalization of agriculture. “Farming should be a profession. We need to change the face of agriculture from subsistence to commercial,” He added. Minister for energy, Hon. Radha Gyawali was special guest of the program where ANPFa leadership including Sarada Prasad Subedi, D.B. Karki, Baburam Thapa and Jalpa Bhusal were present. Balram Banskota deputy General Secretary of ANPFa, explained the importance of rice in the Asian societies. He said, “Rice is our culture. In every occasion whether it is a birth ceremony or death ritual even the marriage, rice is used. It is our staple food. We need to conserve rice to conserve our identity“.


All Nepal Peasant federation is celebrating National Peasants’ Day (Ashar 15) since more than a decade. It is celebrated in Nepal on the day of Ashar 15 in National Calendar by planting paddy seedling in the fields and eating beaten rice and curd (Dahi-Chiura). Ashar 15 is a landmark day for ANPFa and singing folk songs while planting rice is also an important part of the festival.


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