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MTCP2 has reached 11 national farmer organizations, or around 800,000 individual farmers in the country.

Self Employed Women Association (SEWA)
Address: SEWA Reception Centre, Opp. Victoria Garden, Bhadra, Ahmedabad
Contact Person: Ms. Reema Nanavaty (Director – Rural Development)
Website: | Emai: | Phone: +79 25506477

Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) is a union of poor self-employed women workers founded in 1972. It has a membership of 1,914,546 women in 14 states of India, and is the largest union of self-employed women in India. Nearly two-thirds of SEWA’s members live in rural areas, and 54% have agriculture as their main or only source of income and food for their family. SEWA’s members include not only small and marginal landholders, but also landless agricultural sharecroppers and casual laborers. They are among the most vulnerable and needy groups in the agriculture sector. Women are the worst affected, as despite contributing much to agriculture they are not recognized for their work, receive lower wages, and are often employed in worse conditions. To help lead to structural transformations, SEWA’s approach has been to treat agriculture led by small and marginal farmers as an industry capable of becoming fully self-sustainable and profitable, moving it away from subsistence. SEWA’s Agriculture Campaign, which currently works with 561,445 family farmers at the national level, includes trainings, provision of high-quality inputs and equipment, improvement of access to credit, development of market linkages and marketing support services, provision of weather insurance and regular dialogue with policy-makers at all levels of government, among other activities.

SEWA Madhya Pradesh (MP)
Address: Vaishali nagar, Annapurna Road,Indore (M.P) 452009
Contact Person: Ms.Shikha Joshi, General Secretary
Website: | Email: | Phone: 91 0731-2483150

Institute for Motivating Self-Employment (IMSE)
Address: 195, Jodhpur Park-Kolkata-700068.INDIA
Contact Person: Shri Biplab Halim, Executive Director
Website: | Email: | Phone: 913324732740

Indian Federation Of Toiling Peasants (IFTOP)
Address: Vill. Digalpahari,P.O. Dhanbhasa,P.S. Rnishwar,Dist.Dumka,Santhal pargana, Jharkhand, India
Contact Person: Mr.Nikhil Ranjan Maity, Assistant General Secretary
Email: | Phone: 08420923453

East Cost Fish Workers Union (ECFWU)
Address: 20 N.K.Ghosal Road Camp:Vill &P.o.Chandaneswar Dist.Baleshwar Odisha, Kolkata-700042,India.
Contact Person: Mr.Shanker Behra, General Secretary
Email: | Phone: 09437436525

Kokila Vikas Ashram
Address: Sonapur Gohpur Sonitpur -784168 Assam,India
Contact Person: Shri Hareshkumar Bhatt, Founder
Email: | Phone: 03715 292890/292055

Nari Gunjan
Address: Prerana Hostel Lalkotti Danapur,Patna-801503, Bihar,India
Contact Person: Ms.Sudha Varghese, Secretary
Website: | Email: | Phone: 9431025201

Institute of Himalayan Environmental Research and Education (INHERE)
Address: Village-Chinoni,Post Bhagoti-263656 Chaukhutia,Dist,Almora Uttrakhand, India
Contact Person: Ms.Sonali Bisht, Advisor
Website: | Email: | Phone: 9650525806

North East India Committee On Relief & Development (NEICORD)
Address: Shalom Nongrimbah Road,Laitumkhrah,Shillong-793003,Meghalaya,INDIA
Contact Person: Ms.Baloralin Sohkhlet, Program Officer
Website: | Email: | Phone: 09436101517

SEWA Uttar Pradesh
Contact Person: Ms.Farida Jalees, General Secretary
Email: | Phone: 09235303566/ 09450394857

SEWA Kerala
Address: Vanchiyoor, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695035
Contact Person: Ms.Sonia George
Website: | Email: | Phone: 94446551484

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