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MTCP2 has reached 29 national farmer organizations in the country, or 50,000 individual farmers in the country

All Nepal Peasants’ Association (ANPA)
Address: Central Office, Bagh Bazar Kathmandu
Contact Person: Bhairabraj Regmi, President | Phone: +977-1-4244234 | Fax: 01-4244234
Email Address:

Established in 1971, ANPA is an alliance of 7 national level subject specific producers’ organizations. It is a membership based mass organization with almost a million members having its structure in all 5 development regions, 14 zones and 75 districts of Nepal. More than 90% of its members are from rural areas of Nepal and a significant number are women and youth. ANPA aims to conduct programs for the professionalization and industrialization of farming and to ensure peasants’ rights. Its strategic activities include farming through cooperatives, modern organic bio-fertilizer production, establishing model farms, and cooperative-based community production and distribution.

All Nepal Peasants’ Federation (ANPFa)
Address: Central Office, Balkhu, Kathmandu
Contact Person: Mr. Balram Banskota (Deputy Secretary General)
Phone: +977-1-4036203/4036304 | Fax: 0-1-4036369
Email: | Website:

Established in 1951, ANPFa envisions sovereign individuals in an equitable neo-socialist society enjoying their rights for dignified life in the food sovereignty governance system. It endeavors to be a very strong and influential voice of small scale farmers in Nepal and all over the world. The main agenda of ANPFa is genuine agrarian reform and sustainable agriculture development. It will be active from local to national level organizing various interventions, advocacy, trainings and support program in order to fulfill the objective. ANPFa is the largest peasant federation in Nepal and an alliance of 23 national level subject specific producers’ organizations. It’s a membership based mass organization with almost a million members having its structure in all 5 development regions, 14 zones and 75 districts of Nepal. More than 90% of its members are from rural areas of Nepal and significantly women and youth.

All Nepal Peasants’ Federation (Revolutionary)
Address: KMC–10, Shankhamool, Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact Persons: Mr. Chitra Bahadur Shrestha, Chairperson; Mr. Bishnu Prasad Chaudhary, Secretary General; Mr Nahendra Khadka, CSCM, Central Office | Phone: 01- 4784122, 9855058629, 9858022370, 9843672669

All Nepal Peasants’ Federation (Revolutionary) is a federation of all productive, revolutionary, patriotic but internationalist, democratic and justice-loving Nepali peasants who are continuously fighting against feudalism, comprador bureaucratic capitalism, imperialism along with neo-liberalism and neo-colonialism for the last 65 years. It is one of the largest peasants’ organization in the entire nation with more than 700,000 organized members and a large mass of supporters throughout the country. All Nepal Peasants’ Federation (Revolutionary) has been organizing the majority of the Nepalese peasants. Its membership comprises of landless, lower and middle class peasantry, all farm and bonded laborers, pastoralists as well as the peasants from indigenous, madhesi, Dalit community along with the youth and women peasants. As an umbrella organization, it constitutes 21 different peasants’ organizations based on their commodity of production and community or the class in which they belong to. Such productive areas include cereal crops, cash crops, fisheries and fisherfolks, indigenous people, dalits, cattle-holing, dairy, apiary, poultry farming, vegetables, fruits and medicinal herbs, agricultural labourers, etc. and dedicated to the welfare and dignity of the peasantry in their respective professional organizations.

Federation of Community Forestry Users, Nepal (FECOFUN)
Address: Chaghunarayan Municipality- 12 Bhaktapur
Contact Person: Thakur Bhandari, Executive Committee Member | Phone: 977-6616408, 6616421; Fax: 977- 6616427
Email:; Website:; Facebook:

The Federation of community Forestry Users, Nepal (FECOFUN) is a formal network of Forest User Groups (FUGs) from all over Nepal. FECOFUN emerged from the idea that forest users from all parts of the country should be linked in order to strengthen the role of ssers in policy making processes. Since its inception in July 1995, FECOFUN has grown into a social movement organization with about 8.5 million people represented all of whom are forest users. It is a national federation of forest users across Nepal dedicated to promoting and protecting users’ rights. Of more than 15,000 Community Forestry Users Groups (CFUGs) and other Community Based Forest Management Groups (such as leasehold forestry groups, religious forestry groups, buffer zone and traditional forest management groups) in Nepal, approximately 13,000 are affiliated with FECOFUN.

Nepal Farmers Association
Address: Sanepa, Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact Person: Mr. Bhanu Sigdel, President | Email:

Nepal Farmers Association was established with the objective of transforming Nepalese rural economy for the development of country. It was established in 1950 and revitalized in 1997. It has been strongly fighting for the commercialization of production and liberalization of the market. Some of the core mission/goals/vision of NFA are patriotism, democracy, socialism, peasant and farmers’ rights, sovereignty and independence of farmers, unity among the farmers and farmers’ network, protection of farmer’s socio-cultural and political rights, and formulation of peasant-friendly agri-policies. Its programs and services include scientific land reform policy formation and land to the real farmer; implementation and formation of Land Act to abolish the dual land ownership; implementation of scientific and practical land ceiling; digital recording of land holding and introducing new survey system for real data on land. It aims to introduce land integration system to increase the production and stop land plotting; conversion of Birta, Landlord, Guthi land, etc. to privately own land; integrated soil conservation program to cultivate the flooded and barren land; solving the debate on land and to establish peasant judiciary; distribution of the land to the landless, marginal peasant and bonded labor; protection and preservation of peasant rights; and easy loan system, 2 % interest rate and 15 years installment system.

National Farmers Group Federation, Nepal
Address: Kathmandu Municipality 16Khusubu, Nayabajar, Kathmandu, Nepal
PO Box Number: 7064
Phone: 01-4356201,4361327 | Email: | Website:

NFGF Nepal, umbrella organization of agriculture groups, livestock groups and Agri cooperatives, is working for the benefit of marginalized, disadvantaged and small farmers located throughout the nation. It is an independent, nongovernmental, nonpolitical and nonprofit oriented social organization. The organization encompasses 1,364 member groups, more than 350 VDC federations and 34 district federations so far to raise the issues of small farmers. It envisions a self-reliant and prosperous federation, while its mission is to insure the dignity life of farmer (small, marginalized poor and, landless farmers) through organizing, empowerment and advocacy and to play a leading role at the national level with inclusive governance through available resource mobilization and diversification. It has programs on food security/food right, evidence-based advocacy, livelihood improvement, and forest and farms.

Nepal Kishan Fedaration
Address: Maitidevi Setopul Samyuktagalli
Contact Person: Ganesh Shah | Contact No. : 01-4431126, 4289832
Email Address: | Website:
Facebook Page: Simarijal

National Land Rights Forum, Nepal (NLRF)
Address: Central Office: Bharatpur Municipality -1 Thimura, Chitwan;
Secretariat: BhumiGhar, Tokha-10, Dhapasi Kathmandu
Contact Person: Lyam Bahadur Darji, Chairperson | Phone: 01-6914586
Email: land@nlrfnepal; Website: | Facebook:

National Land Rights Forum (NLRF) is a land-poor People’s Organization established in 2004. It wishes that all farmers be self-reliant through sustainable use of land. That is why NLRF is in an imperturbable journey to provide secured housing and agricultural land with land ownership. It further believes that land rights’ social movement must be peaceful, non-violent and creative. It expects every member, frontline leaders and activists to come up with new and creative tasks. It envisions a self-reliant farmer community. Its mission is to empower the land-poor people by organizing and consciencitizing them to enable to launch struggle against discriminations and claim their farmers’ rights. NLRF has three-tier organizational arrangements. National secretariat is located in Kathmandu followed by 54 District Level Land Rights Forums, and 2,843 Village Land Rights Forums. NLRF has a total of 98,275 members (35,055 Women, 42,237 Dalits, 22,967 Janjatis) reaching over 600,000 people directly and many more indirectly.

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