Agriculture remains the most important sector of the Cambodian economy in terms of its share of the gross domestic product (GDP), and it employs the vast majority of the workforce. Rice is Cambodia’s major crop, its principal food, and, in times of peace, its most important export commodity. Rice is grown on most of the country’s total cultivated land area. The principal rice regions surround the Mekong and the Tonle Sap, with particularly intensive cultivation in Bătdâmbâng, Kâmpóng Cham, Takêv, and Prey Vêng provinces in Cambodia.


In addition to rice, other food products include cassava, corn (maize), sugarcane, soybeans, and coconuts. The principal fruit crops, all of which are consumed locally, include bananas, oranges, and mangoes, and are supplemented by a variety of other tropical fruits, including breadfruits, mangosteens, and papayas.

Cattle, particularly water buffalo, are used principally as draft animals in the rice paddies and fields. Hog production has also played a large role in agriculture. Efforts to replenish the number of livestock—depleted by years of war—have been hampered by uncertain social conditions and the prevalence of animal diseases. Fisheries are important in the domestic economy. Fish in its various forms—fresh, dried, smoked, and salted—constitutes the most important source of protein in the Cambodian diet, and subsistence fishing is part of every farmer’s activity. The annual freshwater catch includes perch, carp, lungfish, and smelt.


National FO’s

Farmer and Nature Net (FNN)
Contact Person: Mr. ChhongSophal (Sophal)
Position: Project Officer
Contact Person: Mr. Pan Sopheap
Position: Executive Director
Contact Person: Mr. SeuRany
Position: President
Svay Riengtown, Cambodia
Tel/Fax: +855 44 945 553
Contact Person: Mr. Sok Sotha
Position: Managing Director
Email: |
Contact Person: Mr. MeasNuon
Contact Person: Mr. Morn Vanlyda



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1-Svay Chrum Agricultural Cooperatives (SCHAC)

2- Basac Agricultural Cooperatives(BSAC)

3-Farmer Economic Development Association(FEDA), Svay Rieng

4-Krous Commune Development Association(CBO-CDA), Svay Rieng

5-Samakum Apiwat Chamrous Khum Svay Ang(CBO-SACKS), Svay Rieng

6- Chek Agricultural Cooperatives (CHAC)

7-Thnort Commune Farmer Association(CFA-THN), Svay Rieng

8- Svay Tayean Agricultural Cooperative (STYAC)

9-Phum Kantrean Agricultural Development Community(PKADC), Prey Veng

10-Agricultural Development Cooperative of Mongkul Mean Chey(ADCM), Prey Veng

11-Ponleu Kaksekor Thmey Association (PKT), Kandal

12-Kaksekor Livelihood Improvement Association (LCK), Kandal

13-Agricultural Development Cooperative of Trapeang Russei(TPRADC), Kampong Thom(OK)

14-Melon Association of Siem Reap Mean Chey(MASC), Siem Reap

15-Kampot Pepper Promotion Association (KPPA), Kampot


17- Federation of farmer association promoting family Agriculture Enterprise in Cambodia (FAEC)

18-Federation of Cambodian Farmer Organizations for Development (FCFD)

19-Cambodian Farmers Association Federation of Agricultural Producers(CFAP) Profiling, Svay Rieng

20-Ratanak Polrath Samakee Agriculture Cooperative (Kampot)

21-AngKor Dorng Thung Agricultural Cooperative (Kampot)

22-Ponhea angkor Chamroeun Chey Agriculture (Kampot)

23-BoengLeach Sambophal Development Agriculture Cooperative (K.Chhang)

24-Thlok Vien Mean Chey Development Agriculture Cooperative (K.Chhang)

25-Kaksekor Ning Thomcheat Development Agriculture Cooperative (K.Cham)

26-Agriculture Community of Phmon Domrey Romeal (takoe)

27-Steng SlaKou Cooperative (Takoe)

28-Srok Samros Tapen Agriculture Develop Cooperative (Takoe)

29-Sensok TekThla Cooperative (Takoe)

30-Trapang Srangae Agricultural Cooperative (Takoe)

31-Sdok Sdam Agriculture Cooperative (Takoe)

32-Kdey Sangkhoem Agricultural Cooperative (Prey Veng)

33_Reakreay Agricultural Cooperative (Prey veng)

34_Sambophal Russey Sanh Agriculture Cooperative (Prey veng)

35_Chrey Chhouk Development Cooperative (Banteaymeanchey)

36-Kaksekor Samakee Rung roeung Agricultural Cooperative (Kampot)

37-FWN-Stung Chinit (Kampong Thom)

38-FNN_PROFILE_2015_UPDATE (Phnom Penh)


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