With its vast and abundant fertile soils Indonesia is a major global key producer of a wide variety of agricultural tropical products, and although agriculture’s share of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) has declined markedly during the last five decades, it still provides income for the majority of Indonesian households today.


In 2012 this sector employed around 49 million Indonesian individuals, which represents 41 percent of the total Indonesian labour force. But although in absolute numbers the agricultural workforce keeps growing, its relative share of the total Indonesian workforce has declined significantly from 55 percent in the 1980s to 45 percent in the 1990s and currently to 41 percent. Only during the Asian Financial Crisis in the late 1990s this share grew significantly because unemployment in both the industry and services sectors was absorbed by the agriculture sector (mostly informally).

Between the mid-1960s and mid-1980s the percentage of Indonesian land area that was used for agriculture stayed constant at around 21 percent of Indonesia’s total land area. However, in the mid-1980s this number rose to almost 25 percent until the late 1990s. Starting from 1998 another upsurge (due to the establishment of large scale plantations – in particular palm oil) made this number reach the current level of 30 percent.

Indonesia’s agriculture sector is forecast to continue growing, albeit at a lower pace compared to the industry and services sectors.


National FO’s

Indonesian Farmers Alliance (Aliansi Petani Indonesia) –
Jl. Kelapa Merah No. 2 RT 15/02 Utan Kayu Selatan, Matraman – East Jakarta 13120
Tel: 62 8133434 4808 | 62-21 8567935
Contact Person: Mr. Muhammad Nuruddin
Position: Secretary General / Chairman of SC MTCP INA 2014
Email: | |
Contact Person: Ms. IkaKrishnayanti (Ika)
Position: International Relations Staff (translator)

SPI (Indonesian Peasant Union) –
Jln. Mampang Prapatan XIV no. 5 – South Jakarta 13120
Tel: +62 813 1115-5365 | +62 21 799 1890 | 
Fax: +62 21 799 3426
Twitter: @spipetani
Contact Person: Mr. Zainal Arifin Fuad
Position: General Secretary of SPI; Chairman of the Department of Foreign Affairs; Member of SC MTCP; INA 2014
Email: |

WAMTI (Indonesian Farmer and Fisher Society Organization)
Ruko Griya Cinere II Blok 49 No.8
Depok 16514
Tel: +62 21 753-8110 | Fax: +62 21 7538110
Contact Person: Mr. Djojersyah Djohan
Position: General Secretary of WAMTI ; INA 2014

Board Watcher Indonesian People’s Struggle (BPRPI) North Sumatra –
STM Ujung Jln. Suka Eka No. 45 A Medan Johor, North Sumatra – Indonesia
Tel: +62 61 785-0683
Contact Person: Harun Nuh
Position: Chairman
Enail: | | 62-812 6364 0040

Regional Council of Indonesian Fishermen Association (DPD – HNSI) Banten –
Jln. Raya Sayabulu No. 101 Dalung Kel. Serang Kec. Serang, Kota Serang
Tel: +62 859 2003-2005
Contact Person: Drs. H. Sabrawijaya, MM
Position: Chairman of the Council HNSI Banten
Contact Person: Herman Sutedjo Ismail, SI
Position: Secretary
Email: | +62 25 421-8541

Integrated Pest Management Farmers Association of Indonesia (IPPHTI) –
Mandungan I, Margoluwih Village – Yogyakarta
Tel: +62 274 749-2047
Contact Person: Kustiwa Adinata
Position: Secretary General
Email: | | +6281 239-8953

Hanjuang Cooperative –
Jl. Raya Rangkasbitung KM 04 Sabitangtu
Perumahan Mandiri Asri Blok C No. 2 RT 02/06 Desa Bangkonol
Kecamatan Koroncong
Kabupaten Pandeglang – Banten
Tel: 0253 5213988
Contact Person: Eman Sulaeman
Position: Chairman of the Regulatory Body
Email: | 0812 8935 9092 | 0253 206042

PUANTANI (Indonesian Women Farmer & Rural Women Organization)
Jln.Raya Ciekek Masjid II No.26 rt.02/02, Kec. Majasari
Pandeglang, Banten 42211
Tel: +62 217 021-7625
Contact Person: Lani Eugenia
Position: Secretary General
Email: | | +62 85 21 719-0750

Indonesian Fishermen Union (SNI) –
Jl. Mampang Prapatan XIV No. 5 South Jakarta– Indonesia 12790
Tel: +62 21 799-1890 | 021 799-3426
Contact Person: Budi Laksana
Position: General Secretary
Email: | | 0813 1971-6775

Farmers Union Pasundan/SPP Serikat Petani Pasundan –
Jl. Raya Samarang No 108 A Tarogong, Garut
Tel: +62 26 223-1849
Contact Person: Denny Saputra
Position: Person in Charge
Email: | +62 853 1027 9194

United Society of Farmers Qaryah Thayyibah (SPPQT) –
Jl. Jafar Sodiq 25 Kalibening Tingkir, Salatiga
Tel: +62-817-253-591
Contact Person: Ruth Mutiarsih Subodo
Position: Chairwomen
Email: | 62-818 459 087

Secretariat Services World Food Day Farmers and Fishermen (SPTN HPS)
Tegalgendu KG II 50/XI Prenggan, Kotagede, Yogyakarta 55172 – Indonesia
Tel: +62-274 380 776
Contact Person: Ronny Novianto
Position: Director
Email: | 62-81328897483

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