At least 5 million hectares of Laos’s total land area of 23,680,000 hectares are suitable for cultivation. 17 percent of the land area (between 850,000 and 900,000 hectares) is actually cultivated, less than 4 percent of the total area.

Rice accounted for about 80 percent of cultivated land during the 1989- 90 growing season, including 422,000 hectares of lowland wet rice and 223,000 hectares of upland rice. This demonstrates that although there is interplanting of upland crops and fish are found in fields, irrigated rice agriculture remains basically a monoculture system despite government efforts to encourage crop diversification.


Cultivated land area had increased by about 6 percent from 1975-77 but in 1987 only provided citizens with less than one-fourth of a hectare each, given a population of approximately 3.72 million in 1986. In addition to land under cultivation, about 800,000 hectares are used for pastureland or contain ponds for raising fish. Pastureland is rotated, and its use is not fixed over a long period of time.


National FO’s

JICE Coffee Association
Tel: 99333020
Contact Person: Mr. Somboun SAIBUAKEO
Position: President (NIA and SC member)

Sugarcane Production Group
Tel: 99236582
Position: Head

Pig Production Group
Tel: 56524589 | 55611592 | 58231497
Contact Person: Mr. Neuang SOMBOUNKHUN
Position: Head (NIA and SC member)

Sugarcane Production Group
Tel: 54037472
Contact Person: Mr. Keopaseuth
Position: Head

Rice Seed Production Group
Tel: 56524589 | 55611592
Contact Person: Mr. Khammoun SAIMANY
Position: Head (NIA and SC member)

Bamboo Handicraft Group
Tel: 99661229
Contact Person: Mr. Khamphath
Position: Head

Tobacco Production Group
Tel: 99229308
Contact Person: Mr. Bounliep Thammavong
Postition: Head (NIA and SC member)

Organic Vegetable Association (OVA)
Tel: 99465911
Contact Person: Mrs. Phimpha
Postiiotn: President

NTFP Group
Tel: 96139713
Contact Person: Mr. Loun Sorlakham
Position: Head

Organic Vegetable Cooperative
Tel: 22547755
Contact Person: Mr. Somphone Phaengvylai
Position: President

Sugar Cane Production Group
Tel: 59497790
Contact Person: Mr. Lulorng
Position: Head

Organic Vegetable Production Group/Organic Market
Tel: 55316302
Contact Person: Mr. Khamphery South Thavong
Position: President

Vegetable Production Group
Tel: 23820253
Contact Person: Mr. Thongvan Vongphachan
Position: Head

Tel: 56677809
Contact Person: Mr. Thonevichit NAPHAIVAN
Position: President (NIA and SC member)

Tel: 55932561
Contact Person: Mrs. Bounma Phumin
Position: Vice President (NIA and SC member)

Tel: 031 214126 | 22677629
Contact Person: Mr. Bounthong Thepkaisone
Position: Head

Bamboo Handicraft Group
Tel: 95600076
Contact Person: Mrs. Tieng
Position: Head (NIA and SC member)

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