SRSC SEA + China – Indonesia

SRSC SEA + China – Indonesia

Southeast Asia + China Sub-Regional Steering Committee Meeting

The ASEAN Farmers’ Organizations Support Program (AFOSP) and Medium Term Cooperation Programme phase II (MTCP2) will hold a sub-regional steering committee meeting on 22-25 July 2017 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The meeting is sub-divided into three parts: Knowledge Management Fair, Monitoring and Evaluation Session, and Program Management Meeting.

Knowledge Management Fair

The meeting will open with a two-day Knowledge Management session, where around 50 participants from the 7 member countries are expected to join including farmer leaders, program managers, KM officers and M&E officers.

The KM Fair will be an opportunity for farmer organisations to share, learn and innovate from each others’ experiences, good practices, and success stories on production, governance and advocacy. The session aims to equip the participants with skills on writing good stories, taking good photos and other forms of documentation to help them effectively communicate the progress of their projects and their accomplishments to their target audience.

Each of the member countries will share their good practices by sharing their stories from their project implementations on any of the following themes: sustainable agriculture production, marketing and distribution, organizational governance, and policy advocacy. The submitted stories will also be subjected for voting by the other participants on which stories they think show the best practices.

Irshad Khan of International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) will share tips on developing Knowledge Management materials which will focus on producing good stories and photos. The KM team of the Asian Farmers’ Association (AFA) will also share guidelines for communication and visibility, web and social media posting of stories, and crafting other materials for sharing.

On the second day, the participants will proceed to Sleman District for a field visit. During this trip, the participants are expected to practice what they learned from the capacity building.

The first area to be visited is Dusun Ndero, Harjobinangun Village in Pakem subdistrict where farmers cultivate organic vegetables including okra, mustard, pakcoy, etc. There will be a demonstration on how to make liquid fertilizer with natural farming method, and the participants will also experience harvesting vegetables.

The second location is a dairy farm community at Dusun Ngrangkah, Umbulharjo Village, Kecamatan Cangkringan subdistrict. The place is also well known for its merapi coffee. In this location, the farmers will share how to optimize the utilization of cow manure by composting.

Monitoring and Evaluation Session

The Monitoring and Evaluation Session on 24 July 2017 will focus on the Management Information System (MIS) or the web-based system for planning and management of projects. The M&E officers will be trained on how to utilize the new information system that will be used to assess project’s progress and performance.

Program Meeting

The program meeting will be dedicated for updating and reporting of key activities for the first semester of 2017, as well as discussing the targets and outputs of the programs and the upcoming activities.




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