SRSC SEA + China / Joint Action ASEAN-AFOSP to Support ASEAN 2025

Regional Policy Consultation: Joint Action ASEAN-AFOSP to Support ASEAN 2025

Representatives of National Implementing Agency (NIA) of MTCP2 attend the SRSC Southeast Asia + China Meeting cum Regional Policy Consultation: Joint Action ASEAN-AFOSP to Support ASEAN 2025 on 2-3 December 2017 at Pasay, Philippines.

The meeting opened on 2 December after the closing of the first day of Regional Policy Consultations on Family Farming Matters.

During the meeting, the NIAs shared their 2017 annual work plan and budget with particular focus on the commodity plan, women, and youth activities and responses to MRT recommendations. The meeting also provided venue for other NIAs and partners to give their comments and suggestions towards enhancing their plan.

The NIAs presented updates on their activities for 2017 as well as their plans for 2018. MTCP2 Regional Program Manager Lany Rebagay presented the 2017 sub-regional updates, as well as as well as the emerging thrusts for MTCP2 and beyond. Rebagay also presented the Farmers Fighting Poverty (FFP) AFOSP Joint Project Steering Committee on behalf of AsiaDHRRA.

Yacinta Jati of ASEAN Foundation showed the draft videos from the recent ASEAN-EU Youth Forum in Indonesia which was also participated by youth farmers from MTCP2 farmers’ organizations. She also discussed the ASEAN-AFOSP planned projects for 2018, focusing on the next big event–the ASEAN Business Cooperative Forum (ACBF) which is going to be held in the Philippines on January 2018. The ACBF will also showcase ASEAN coffee, and ASEAN Foundation will lead activities for the event such as the coffee corner. ASEAN Foundation is profiling coffee products from ASEAN countries and plans to release a booklet on this as well as a coffee directory, thus Jati asked the NIAs and FOs for utmost cooperation.

During the meeting, the NIAs have also voted which country will take the lead for activities related to specific commodities and sectors. For coffee, Indonesia will take the lead, Philippines was voted to lead activities regarding coconut, and Cambodia for rice-related initiatives. Laos will initiate activities related to the youth, and Vietnam for women.

The SRSC participants also had a quick session on Monitoring and Evaluation where M&E Officer Bernie Galang listed the NIAs’ commendable practices. Maru Ventura also conducted a quick workshop to help the NIAs with their financial matters.

The meeting was organized by Asian Farmers’ Association and La Via Campesina, and is supported by ASEAN Foundation.



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