Success Story (China): Capacity Buiding for Farmers’ Cooperatives

China is one of the countries with the smallest per capita arable land in the world, and the traditional small-scale production has been difficult to adapt to the commercial development of agriculture In the context of economic globalization. However, to encourage the development of farmer organizations is an effective way to improve this situation. With the support of the MTCP2 project, Agricultural Management Institute of China(AMI) has provided professional guidance and consultant services to Chinese farmers’ cooperatives for 6 years. More than tens of thousands of cooperatives participated in the technical training, policy dialogue, production and marketing docking and other activities which were organized by AMI, and their development capacity has been significantly improved as a result.

“I have benefited a lot from participating in activities organized by AMI. For instance, I learnt not only practical planting technology from the ‘Farmers’ Cooperatives Leaders Capability Building Training’, but also skills to enhance the product value. Now we have built up our own apple brand, which greatly boosted the prices of farmer members’ product. ” — Ms. Kou Hongyan, the leader of Good for Farmers Cooperative of Beijing.

(The Medium Term Cooperation Programme with Farmers’ Organisations in Asia and the Pacific, Phase II (MTCP2) aims to strengthen the capacities of farmers organizations in Asia and the Pacific to deliver better, improved and inclusive services to their members and to engage in effective dialogues with governments, thereby making FOs more viable, responsive and accountable to their members, more respected by their partners and have more participation in policy-making and program implementation processes of governments and IFAD country operations. It is being implemented regionally by the consortium of the Asian Farmers Association (AFA) and La Via Campesina (LVC).]

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