Success Story (Indonesia): Improved Coffee Production

Success Story (Indonesia): Improved Coffee Production

The Sridonoretno Farmers’ Association is getting support from AFOSP-MTCP2 on agri enterprise development for their robusta coffee production. It includes capacity building on climate resilient coffee cultivation through natural farming and natural pest management practices, harvesting method that promotes red cherry picking, post harvest processing through different methods for coffee beans, setting up off collective processing units and pre-cooperative, and networking with coffee shops in Malang, Malang City and Batu City as alternative markets. As a result, coffee production increased from 0.5 kg to 1.5 kg green beans per tree, fungi disease is decreased, coffee quality is improved, farmers’ margin is increased from IDR 22,000 to IDR 32,000 per kilo of green beans (while price at the cooperative level is IDR 37,000 per kilo), and participation of women and youth is also improved.  Women are mainly in charge of coffee bean sorting, while the youth work on quality control, marketing and cooperative development.

“Through the training that we received, we are now able to rate the quality of our coffee, which now yield up to 90% red cherry and deemed as enough to proceed to coffee beans processing.”– Eko Yudi Sukrianto, leader of Sridonoretno Association

“We are now aware of the importance for coffee farmers to practice red cherry picking and good post-harvest processing,” — Siadi, Head of Quality Control for Sridonoretno Association of Dampit Coffee Farmers




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