Minimum Support Price (MSP) for cotton farmers in India

Dear all

Currently, farmers are struggling against low supporting pricing not covering even cost of production in India. Literally thousands of farmers are detained in India, popular media says, particularly in Gujarat as they demand a mere Rs 100 increase over last years’ minimum price.

The farmers’ demands were simple and basic.

1) Support Price for Cotton at 1200 / 20  kg, and Rs. 1000 / 20 kg for groundnut.

2) No de-commanding of Narmada waters and diverting it to industries.

3) Repeal of draconian anti-farmer laws such as Special Invest Region Act, and Gujarat Irrigation Act.

4) Immediate withdrawal of the Ordinance making the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition Act meaningless.

Last year the price of a bushel (20Kg) was Rs 1100. Normada waters is crucial for winter crops there. Plz, go through attachedMEMORANDUM issued by SEWA for details

We support farmers get fair price for their products, we support their just struggle!

Let authorities concerned hold talks and set free all detained farmers and their leaders unconditionally!

Stop blatant use of force against poor farmers who are food providers!

Let there be talks for amicable solutions instead of repressions!

Low price keeps farmers in debt vicious circle, Save farmers from debt suicide!

Let’s holdup Farmers unity!!

In Solidarity

Dr. Keshab Khadka

MTCP2 South Asia

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