Team MTR MTCP 2 AFOSP conduct visit to Indonesia


On 27th and May 28th 2016, MTCP2 AFOSP Indonesia arrival of the MTR (Mid-Term Review). MTR team tasked to review the implementation of the project MTCP2 AFOSP in Indonesia, led by Ernst Lutz as a team leader and Ed Angeles as Finance Consultant, and accompanied by RIA represented by Lany Ragabay of AFA. Whereas the NIA MTCP 2 AOSP Indonesia was represented by Moh. Nuruddin, Muh. Rifa’I, Hasthari E Pamintasih and Ferry Widodo of the API, a representative of the SPI is Rully Ardiansyah and Lani from WAMTI.

This activity lasted for two days, the team MTR meeting with API, SPI and WAMTI in Central Secretariat DPP SPI, at the end of the activity MTR team conducted field visits to Gapoktan Sabah Juhut located in Pandeglang district of Banten province on Sunday May 29, 2016.

Here are a some of the ingredients the team MTR review, such as strengthening institutions, especially FO’s and FO’s to strengthen managerial and then Participation FO’s in the policy process and services to FO’s and FO’s involved in agricultural development programs.

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