Thongmang organic vegetable group

Located just 30 minutes away from Vientiane, the Thongmang organic vegetable group is in a perfect location for producing quality food and is being supported by the Lao Farmer Network (LFN), the national implementing agency of the AFOSP-MTCP2 program, to become a cooperative.

The group has 20 members who supply organic markets in town 4 times a week and a new permanent market at the Vientiane shopping center 2 times a week, which they accessed through the support of the Department of Agriculture Extension and Cooperatives (DAEC).

“Agri-coop development is not easy. I am very happy that we have LFN. Together we will get there,” said Ms. Khammone Luanglath, head of Thongmang organic vegetable group.

LFN will support the group in getting organic certification, collective buying and selling activities with hired staff, and construction of a green house for high school youth in Thongmang who will sell the vegetables to the group.

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