Urgent call for support to farmers in India

Greetings from SEWA!

You all might be aware of the situation of farmers in India today. The farmer suicides are on rise. The reality of our country today is that small and marginal farmers are highly affected by weather fluctuations, unseasonal rains and increased input costs. These factors adding up with lower sales price, is compelling them to take extreme step of committing suicide.

We at farmers forum should join and work for this cause. Government of India is currently asking recommendations from all.

The situation here should be treated as a special case and we should carry out a campaign at a national level. We should demand for the following aspects to safeguard the interests of the small and marginal farmers:

Rainfall/Weather Insurance
Minimum Support Income
Spot and Future Price
Timely Access to Finance

With regards,
Smita Bhatnagar


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