Win Oo: A Young Changemaker

Win Oo is a 28-year old farmer, social activist and social worker from Han Htet Village, Man Jai Township in Kachin State. He is also a member of AFFM (Agriculture and farmer federation of Myanmar) and a staff of Pan pyoe Latt organization.

Before he came to NEED-Myanmar, he wanted to be a good and experienced person who could actively help his community. His goal was to be a trainer and help the young people in his area. NEED-Myanmar trains and supports local youth on community development, agriculture, and environmental issues. These are the matters that interested Win Oo the most so in 2014, Dr. Khum Win Thoung who works for AFFM, suggested that he study at NEED-Myanmar. Win Oo really wanted to attend because he would have a chance to meet with different ethnics from Myanmar, learn what he was seeking for, and get closer to his goal.

After graduating from NEED, he went back to his community because he felt like he could be a good trainer there. He had gained a lot of knowledge, skills, experience, and techniques just as he wished before joining the program. He is now a Tactical Supporter at his organization. He is responsible for organic farming, mushroom plantation, environment conservation, food security and land law right training. He has been doing a lot of campaigns and is currently training the community about the matters he is responsible for.

This photo is one of the campaigns related to food security and consumer right. In Myanmar, almost every food eaten by the people contains chemical ingredients. Those foods are affecting human health. Win Oo and his organization do these campaigns to protect and help the people understand so they can avoid those kinds of food items.

All the campaigns and trainings are not only for the community as he also approaches the government schools in his area and shares about the consumer right to the young students so they also become aware of the food that may be harmful for them.

During his free time, Win Oo grows a mushroom plantation to earn a small income. He also shares how to do so to his community. He has been training farmers how to grow mushrooms so they can earn income, and at the same time grow healthy food for their own consumption. He also spends some of his free time at the organic farm that he is starting with his organization.

Win Oo said that there are many things he wants to change in his community. He is trying to set up a model of farm that only cultivates using organic agriculture. He wants the people in his area to stop using chemicals in farming. He also wants to do more campaigns to prevent people from consuming chemically-processed food products. Ultimately, he would like to see these kind of items disappear in Myanmar, and the farmers to become self-sustainable.

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